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Author's description:

To show the character of time within scenes from the life of the  Holy Mother of Bistrica Sanctuary  , but with the people who made impact during that timeline and created history as such, is no easy task. But even today exist those (like in any other time) with exceptional creativity, faith, scietific sharpness, might and reputation as the widely acknowledged and famous landmarks, which as the author they can't sew in the scene.

This is how this mini-collection of 6 pieces of extreme charge came to be. Here I've collected, in this imaginary museum, the greats, the cityscapes and the space which normally can't be combined, and the events and history divided by space, are connected in the scene.

Under the burden of the years

The "Story" which is exposed to the historic thinking, and speaks about the Sanctuary's beginnings with the recognizable iconography and today's beauty.

The blessed's dream

Synthesis with two monuments, as was the blessed Alojzije Stepinac, with persuasive character lines, a great devout and a modest man as it was characteristic for him, and the Sanctuary itself, as an inspiring value inside and out.


An invitation actually, to kindness and charity. The Holy Mother of Bistrica Sanctuary and the two greats, cardinal Kuharic and Pope Voytila, that have with their hard-labour and a second in time continuum gladly mentioned catholic history in general. This synthesis has an aesthetically interesting solution.

In the Sanctuary's shadow

In this readable, mac fabric, that was chromatically nurtured so to speak, the spiritual and art components give the content's wealth in which cardinal Josip Bozanic is outside of the landscape which highlights the spiritual individuality and might.

One true story about the Sanctuary

Moving through time where with a seemingly traditional way of making statements (picture in picture) the somewhat forgotten legend of the Holy Mother of Bistrica is being made modern. A sufficient visual fragment is pulsating with life and gives meaning to the complete "story" of the continuation of the Sanctuary.

How to feel the Sanctuary

A monumental scene, that also doesn't exist in reality, makes way for the history to be made in a single space of the picture, with a gradient perspective and the meaning to time.

This sixth scene and last in the sequence is actually a scene with open doors, in front of which a man is ready to take you inside, a man to which we owe thanks for the Sanctuary's eternal life for us.


And at the end, these are the doors that will take you towards the scene of the Golgotha martyrium.

This is actually the beginning of the story of the Holy Mother of Bistrica Sanctuary. 


Collection paintings:


  • 01kc_pod_teretom_godinaUnder the burden of the years
  • 02kc_san_blazenikaThe blessed's dream
  • 03kc_prijateljstvoFriendship
  • 04kc_u_sjeni_svetistaIn the Sanctuary's shadow
  • 05kc_jedna_istinita_prica_o_svetistuOne true story about the Sanctuary
  • 06kc_kako_se_cuti_svetisteHow to feel the Sanctuary

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