Pišta has been the artistic sponsor of the Actors festival in Krapina (AFIK) for 10 years; here you can see all of the works created so far.


Introduction by Hrvoje Kovacevic, writer  :

Ten portraits of those whom AFIK had been dedicated, confirm Stjepan Djukic Pista as an extraordinary portraitist. That position in the painter's world, apart from the trade skill, can be achieved only by carefully thinking about the topic, discovering virtues, character features or principles of fate, that had dominantly marked each individual character, and finding ways to highlight them in the portrait.


Collection paintings:


  • 2008_gf_galic_ljudevit(2008.)Galic Ljudevitactor
  • 2009_gf_gaj_ljudevit(2009.)Gaj Ljudevitarchitect of the Illyrian movement
  • 2010_gf_rutic_josip(2010.)Rutić Josipactor
  • 2011_gf_prejac_djuro(2011.)Prejac Djurodiplomat and poet
  • 2012_gf_ivancan_dubravko(2012.)Ivančan Dubravkohaiku poet
  • 2013_gf_kosutic_sida(2013.)Košutić Sidapoet
  • 2014_gf_leskovar_janko(2014.)Leskovar Jankowriter
  • 2015_gf_mihanovic_antun(2015.)Mihanović Antunpoet, author of the national anthem
  • 2016_gf_sandor_gjalski_ksaver(2016.)Šandor Gjalski Ksaverwriter
  • 2017_gf_juric_marija(2017.)Jurić Zagorka Marijawriter and newsreporter

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