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Review by Hrvoje Kovacevic, writer  :

Stjepan Djukic Pista is undoubtedly a skilful painter, a great portraitist who mastered the secrets of the craft, artistically very potent, but the strength of his works lies in the need of thinking about the world in which he found himself and the intensity in doing that. He starts with a Human, tries to understand him, because it is he who shapes the history. He travels from birth to death and in different ways, deliberately or unintentional, impacts the destinies of other people.

Pista achieves what many artists are trying to achieve, but only a small number of them does: to link history and the present, reaching - timelessness. Doing so, he uses the tension of opposites confrontation. With a keen sense of composition, in the serenity of Zagorje hills, he brings powerful movement, the dynamics in a static environment, a solid plastic in a soft green color.

The works in the art map "Shine of Zagorje" are original and at the same time a representation of the painter's motifs and preoccupations over the last 20 years; from the creation of the Plowman with cows (New York 1994.) until today.

There are four collections that need to be pointed out that Pisa created over the last two decades: "Timeless horizons", which received the award "Goldern arena" from th eSilvestri Art Direcotry in 2000., "The ballads of Petrica Kerempuh", "The grain of salt in the cathedral of spirit" and "They are me which I don't know", as well as many altair scenes around Croatia.

In all for mentioned collections and the altar scenes the painter is consistent on his path, ignoring media reception. His canvases are hosts to those that we randomly see every day, plain and timeless, people and customs that travel through time, towards eternity. By going through Pista's map, several mythical questions are brought up as necessary - Who are we? Where are we from? Where are we going? Let us face those questions.


Collection paintings:


  • 01sv_veronika_desinickaVeronika of Desinic
  • 02sv_setnja_kroz_vrijemeA walk through time
  • 03sv_veronokini_prosciVeronika's suitors
  • 04sv_ritam_zagorjaRhythm of Zagorje
  • 05sv_plameni_oraciBlaze plowers
  • 06sv_hommage_otonu_ivekovicuHommage to Oton Ivekovic
  • 07sv_jesenAutumn
  • 08sv_u_zenitu_danaIn the zenith
  • 09sv_taborska_kronikaTabor chronicles
  • 10sv_trakoscanska_kronikaTrakoscan chronicles
  • 11sv_djecaci_s_jabukamaBoys with apples
  • 12sv_spod_repaBelow the tail
  • 13sv_ladoLADO
  • 14sv_u_smiraju_danaIn the sunset

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