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When you state some details by which it is possible to identify you by this website, you can be sure that those details will only be used in compliance with this Statement. Pista can change this statement in which case this page will be updated. Since we're not required to notice you beforehand of the Statement changes, we encourage you to check back regularly to be informed about them (that is, if any changes were made).



  • data relevant for market research and analysis, of the buyers and/or offers (based on the technology of Google Analytics




We analyze the collected data and information to better understand Your needs and offer you a better service or customized products.

Apart from the stated, we use Your information to modify the web site to better suit your interests and needs.




We ensure that Your information is safe. To prevent unauthorized access or information leakage, we've taken some precautions by using digital procedures for data protection which is  being collected via "cookies".




A cookie is a small file stored on Your computer by a web site that You visit. Cookies usually store Your settings, web page settings, like a preferred page view or list of viewed articles, page sorting etc. Later, when You reopen the page, the web browser sends the cookie back to the web page. This enables the web page to display the customized content based on Your settings.

This information can only be stored if You allow that. The web pages can't gain access to the information if you haven't given them the right to access it and they can't access other files on your computer. Default activity of storing and reading of the cookie files aren't visible to You as the user. However, You can change the settings in Your browser, to choose whether or not You'll allow or disallow the cookie's request, clear stored cookies automatically while exiting the web browser etc.

Cookies can be blocked or deleted by using the web browser's settings. In this case, it is possible to use the web page (although some functionality may be reduced). Even then, some technical information, like the IP address of the user, can be retrieved by the software he uses. People who transmit such data can't be identified in any case. We never store information that retrieve real data, like the social security number, personal ID number, drivers' license ID, telephone numbers or the email address. We don't store information that we think is offending. The user is aware that by using this web page he allows the storage of content previously retrieved on his device.




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We're using the tracking cookies to define the web pages that You use and visit. This helps us analyze information about Your needs to modify the web page and make it more usable to the end-user. This data is used for statistics, and afterwards it is removed from the system.

The cookies enable us to host a better web page and help us in tracking which pages are useful and which aren't. The cookies don't enable us to access Your computer or any information related to You, except for the information that You've selected to share with us. You can allow or block the cookies. Most web browser automatically allow cookies, but it is also possible to configure the web browser to reject the cookies (selectively or completely). This can impact the way certain web pages work and they may not be fully functional if their cookies are blocked.




This web page may contain links to other web pages. Pista doesn't have control over external pages, and can't be held responsible for Your privacy for using other web pages. For other web pages' use, consult their Terms of Use and Privacy Statements.




Pista won't sell, distribute or rent Your personal information to any third parties, unless we have Your permission or are bound by the law to do so. We may use Your information to send You promotional information about third parties for which we assess may be interesting to You, only if You select such an option.




Pista reserves the right to change this Statement, in any moment and without prior notice and can't be held responsible for any consequences that might derive out of such changes. The changes are valid the moment they're published on this web page.

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