To collect, analyze and process as much content as possible, thta was created during the art career of the academic painter Stjepan Dukic Pista. This poses a big challenge and an activity that doesn't really stop, since a lot of content exists that over the years became quite hard to retrieve, but more importantly, new art works are still continuously being created.




For the CMS system the choice landed upon Joomla (as part of the self-initiative campaign "Joomla's not dead"), because it allows relative flexibility in programming and customizations of the basic system, to modify it and optimize it dollowing the needs and requirements (having in mind that the end result of the web site is hard to predict, because it is hard to put an estimate on the size and the type of available content that will be made available online).




The culprit for the idea, concept and the web site production that you're looking right now is Vanja Borovic. Setting as a main target the concept of digitizing Pista and make him more accessible (in the digital sense) to all the interested parties, I'm apologizing beforehand for any possible erros in the web page itself (mainly targeting the design aspect). A lot of dispšlayed content was for the first time digitized (in a quality way or in any way at all), and the preparation, processing and uploading of the content (including Youtube, and possibly some other online platforms in the future) takes priority over the exact visual representation in the sense of its cross-compatibility with all the different web browsers, including mobile devices). The web site will be translated to other languages during the process, so the textual content will be multiplied, to enable more people to access and discover this outstanding artist, not just in Croatia but worldwide as well.




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+385 91 50 90 348 (Pišta, croatian language only)