ars logoArs Gallery Stjepan Dukic Pista is located in the Terme Tuhelj resort, Ljudevita Gaja 4, Tuheljske Toplice. We offer a wide range of original art, replicas in various compilations, art pieces of various other artists, and applications of original artist works on porcelain, murano glass, marble, jewellery, umbrellas and more - all in various price ranges.

You can order business maps made out of faux leather, of various sizes and colors which can be used as covers for your ideas, with our art pieces and can be outfitted with your logo or emblem, making it a unique and attractive business gift.

We also make various certificates and awards, which include art or motifs according to your suggestions ad requirements.

Don't forget that we have original art pieces and valuable compilations, which can easily enrich and office space, hall or any business/private space.

We hope to be your creative partner and that we can work on making your ideas into reality.

More info about our gallery can be found on our Facebook page Ars Gallery Stjepan Dukic Pista.




Vlasta Medic, gallery manager +385 (0)95 720 3198

Stjepan Dukic Pista, academic painter +385 (0)91 50 90 3480

Address, Ljudevita Gaja 4, Tuheljske Toplice



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Contact me

Ravnice 89A, 49124 Veliko Trgovisce, Croatia (all inquiries)

+385 91 50 90 348 (Pišta, croatian language only)

+385 98 589 284 (agent, english language)