Since 19xx. I am a member of the Croatian Association of Artists (CAA).

The Croatian Association of Artists is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political professional association, whose members are artists from a wide variety of art forms and generations. The association was established in 1868 and has since been continuously active, though under various names. The main goals and activities are stimulation of modern work, enhancing and protecting the freedom of art work, organizing exhibitions, participating in preparations for new laws and regulations which impact art in general and protection of the artists' social rights.

The Croatian Association of Artists organizes or participates in the organization of 40 exhibitions every year, in four differently profiled gallery areas, which ensures wide coverage of almost all art works and art forms - from big national and international manifestations, to projects in the new media close to the experimentation.

The exhibits are usually linked with lectures, workshops and project presentations, with the gallery space of the association being open to all works in the field of art, from dancing and performances to music and theatre.

Membership number: 12345; the membership visible on the CAA members list .


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Sacral art

Overview of the available art.

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Some of the completed portraits.

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Contact me

Ravnice 89A, 49124 Veliko Trgovisce, Croatia (all inquiries)

+385 91 50 90 348 (Pišta, croatian language only)