Offical web page of the academic painter Stjepan Đukić Pišta

Portraitist, painter, sculptor, illustrator - academy artist, member of the Croatian Association of Artists and a multiple award-winning artist. This web page has been created to showcase the artwork so far, to enable the general public to see the persona and the works of this distinguished artist and also to inform the public about the exhibitions and other activities that Stjepan Đukić Pišta is planning to work on in cooperation with other artists and institutions.
Stjepan Đukić Pišta is the art sponsor of the Actors festival in Krapina (GFUK) 10 years in a row, has been the art sponsor of the Music festival Songs of Podravina and Podravlje in Pitomaca for 14 years and is also the largest individual sponsor of the Red Cross Krapina and the Red Cross of the Krapina-Zagorje County . The list keeps getting bigger, as Pista is being a donator of many associations and institutions in the Republic of Croatia.


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... this exhibition represents, or rather describes, the last twenty seven years of the painter’s creation, from 1996 to 2023. Stjepan Đukić Pišta is a prolific author. During this period, he has sold numerous valuable paintings that are not available for this exhibition.


A grain of saltin the cathedral of spirit

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An intriguing title of the exhibit points out its layerness, a literary note in the core of the initial concept. Stjepan Đukić Pišta in his earliest artistic accomplishments often thought about the art piece through the synthesis of fine art and the content’s message, brought upon by the interesting iconography ...


A walkthrough time

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Stjepan Đukić Pišta is undoubtedly a skillful painter, a great portraitist who mastered the secrets of the art, extremely potent as an artist, but the strength of its work first and foremost comes out of the need of thinking about the world in which he found himself and the intensity in which he is doing it ...

Featured Work


djuro vandjura

In the creative work accomplished so far, over 2000 paintings were created, dozens of art-relievos, over 70 exhibitions (15 of which were outside of Croatia). In the 40 active and creative years so far, a number of recognizable works of art were completed, with the fair number of portraits and sacral art pieces, 9 selected works which, each one in its own way marked the painting career of Stjepan Đukić Pišta, can be pointed out, in which the "... synthesis of Bacon and Freud, with a portion of Dürer, Liebmann, Habermann, Malevich and Vasarely" can be easily seen (as said by prof. Djuro Vandjura  , director of the Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters at CASA ).


Sacral art

Overview of the available art.

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Some of the completed portraits.

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